Magical Ice Bubbles Appear on the Surface of Lake Nukabira in Hokkaido

Lake Nukabira, located in central Hokkaido, has become a fantastical canvas for one of nature’s most artistic phenomenons. Gas and other substances at the bottom of the lake freeze as they rise to the surface, becoming trapped in multiple layers and creating a multi-dimensional installation of “ice bubbles.”

The region itself gets heavy snowfall so the ice bubbles typically remain hidden to everyone. But this year the phenomenon has shown itself and photographers have been flocking to the lake to capture the rare sight. Some of our favorites are below.

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  1. The images look mesmerising. Nature holds much much creative expressions that mankind yet needs many eons to discover. I have lived un Hokkaido for 5 years of my life and especially was crazy about the yuki matsuri. Truly an ice heaven!

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