Literal Sponge Cake, and Other Creative Confections by LowIQ

Japanese Youtuber and content creator LowIQ specializes in unorthodox cakes and sweets that are unappetizing yet mesmerizing. Take one of their latest creations, for example: the–quite literal–sponge cake. To top it off, the desert is decorated with a plate of strawberry jam to resemble a dirty dish and smeared with whipped cream as dish soap.

The creator not only posts final photos of the confections but an accompanying video, for anyone who wants to watch how it was done and maybe try it themselves.

Below are a few more of our recent favorites but you can see more on LowIQ’s YouTube, Instagram or Twitter accounts.

The strawberry patch was made with a combination of real strawberries, chocolate leaves and crushed oreo cookies to resemble soil.

This creation imagines what Meiji’s iconic triangular strawberry chocolates might look like if them came unassembled, like Japan’s famous plastic models

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  1. That sponge cake was first thought up and made by chef Ben Churchill (@chefbenchurchill on Instagram) 2 years ago. He’s a food illusionist chef, with a cookbook of all these kinds of these recipes. Including several variations with ‘soil’, like a pumpkin patch for example.

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