Live in a MUJI house for 2 years. For free.

A MUJI house for the price of, on the house? Sound too good to be true? Well the offer is very real. MUJI’s latest campaign is a lottery in which the winner gets to live in a MUJI house (located in Mitaka, Tokyo), fully furnished with MUJI furniture and MUJI accessories. for 2 years. For free. Who ever said too much MUJI wasn’t a good thing? Although you won’t pay a single yen out of pocket to move in, the catch is that you have to participate in an ongoing monitoring process, which means talking to staff and filling out questionnaires about the experience. And yes, you don’t have to be Japanese to participate. But all communication will be conducted in Japanese.

You can participate in the lottery 2 ways: through facebook or twitter, which means either liking their facebook page or following them on twitter. But act fast. The cutoff date is June 25th 2012. Winners will be selected in October and the move-in date is January 2013.

2 living room variations

2 kitchen variations

thanks for the tip @kozoshimoyama

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  1. Zounds! …I do believe I’d get MUJI’d out, tho’…

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