Name: Verdens Mindste Kaffebar
Address: Tullinsgade 1 1618, Copenhagen

To conclude my one-week segment of cafes, last but definitly not least, is this tiny cafe with a whole bunch of character! Verdens Mindste Kaffebar supposedly translates into “the world’s smallest coffebar.” 3 people is the most you can fit and even that’s a squeeze. But nonetheless the locals keep coming back, probably because the place is so charming (and I’m sure the coffe is good as well). Local artists contributed to the art work across the side of the counter. Isn’t it fantastic?

(Photo: Mia-Maria Peterson)

cafe5a.jpg cafe5b.jpg

I wonder why I’ve benn having this ongoing urge to travel to Denmark this week….
Next week I’ll return to my usual postings. So many things that I want to show have accumulated. I can’t wait!