Packaging Design for Funa-Zushi

The latest work produced by Masahiro Minami’s design laboratory is this packaging design for Funazushi, a type of fermented fish. It was designed by Shuuji Hikawa, a senior in Minami’s laboratory and the client plans to sell them at Mitsukoshi department stores in Tokyo

Packaging Design for Funa-Zushi 2

The design – in its resemblance to fish nets, scales or even the fish packed tightly on shelves – syncs nicely with the product on several different levels. The elegant honeycomb incisions creates flexible packaging that expands to the size of the fish while allowing the product to become partially visible.

Packaging Design for Funa-Zushi 3

Funazushi, which is indigenous to Shiga prefecture, and whose ingredients are largely sourced from Lake Biwa, is a type of fermented fish that dates back to the Muromachi period. Recognized as being the origin of sushi, Funazushi is made from fermenting fish and rice together using salt and vinegar. Funazushi evolved, parallel to techniques and technology for preserving fish, into nigirizushi but still remains a popular treat at food fairs. I happen to be a huge fan and thus wrote this post with great difficulty as I have not had breakfast yet.

Packaging Design for Funa-Zushi 4
all images courtesy of Masahiro Minami

Coincidentally, there is an interesting article (sub. req’d) in the New Yorker this week on the underground fermentation movement in the U.S.