suica penguin stickers (5)

If you’ve ever used public transit in Japan you’ve surely encountered Suica Penguin, the adorable mascot character that appears on the front of the smart card. Designed by illustrator Chiharu Sakazaki, Suica Penguin got it’s name from the onomatopoeic phrase sui-sui, meaning to glide smoothly (through the turnstile).

Now a new set of stickers are giving straphangers a way to personalize their commuter companion. Currently available in 3 categories – wear, music and art – ic Card Wear lets you dress up Suica Penguin. Available in 15 variations (735 yen each) there’s something for everybody including art enthusiasts, revolutionaries and skaters.

suica penguin stickers (6)the art category places Suica Penguin in well-known works of art.

suica penguin stickers (1)suica penguin stickers (2)

left:  che guevara suica pengion | right: knight suica penguing

suica penguin stickers (3)suica penguin stickers (4)

left:  skater suica pengion | right: statue of liberty suica penguing

source: roomie