Rakku’ is a project initiated to revolutionize the mundane and tiring work culture. The word ‘Rakku (楽)’ means ‘Comfort’ in Japanese and the project’s objective is to question the current way of working, contemplating what really is necessary and also delving into new possibilities of doing the very same things in a relaxed, fun yet efficient way. Hence the motto ‘Work freely, fun and easy.’ 


The team approached the concept with the understand that changing everything, everywhere, all at once would not only be difficult but also futile whereas making small changes from time to time is more sustainable in the long run. 

To bring about these changes, they plan to create work lifestyle products and services. Their very first is a ‘wearable bag’. It’s a jacket having similar storage capacity to that of a regular office bag. The wearable bag eliminates an accessory from your office attire, making your daily routine a bit more rakku.

Designed to be non-gendered, Rakku is available in two colours, black and beige, and three different sizes. The design is simple, smart and would easily blend in with formal and casual office attire. It has an inner backside mesh pocket that can hold a 13inch PC and A4 size files, and the inner right and left sides can hold 11inch tablet, cables, adapter and router.

Putting an end to everyday work bags will be a tangible amend and certainly a step in direction of a comfortable work life.