Illustrator Ryosuke Otomo Memorializes the Small, Relatable Moments of Life

that moment when the bag of cereal no longer fits in the skinny box

As we go about our daily lives there are moments along the way that make us pause, if ever so slightly. Sometimes they disappoint us, other times they make us smile. But they’re always so small that we quickly forget about them and go on with the task at hand. Japanese illustrator Ryosuke Otomo has made it a point to dwell on these moments and, on a daily basis, memorialize them in the form of simple, graphic illustrations.

that moment when you realize you just have loyalty cards showing what you purchased that day

Otomo calls these illustrations “One Scenes” and he posts them almost daily to his Twitter account. They’re all based on his own personal experiences, and are usually slightly disappointing but highly relatable.

He has also made them into a collection of books, which he sells in his shop.

that moment when you remove one pack of natto and the plastic film wrapper becomes loose

that moment when the paper napkin you threw at spilled water was no help at all

that moment when you run out of stickers so you decided to peel off the sheet

that moment when you don’t know which part of your phone number to write in the parenthesis

that moment when you peel the tape off a box but it’s obstructed by another piece of tape

that moment when the tofu cover doesn’t fully peel off

that moment when you realize this type of bag closing will never come off

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