toyoken yooshoku akasaka

Don’t be fooled by the misnomer Yooshoku (洋食), which literally means western food. “Yooshoku is a Japanese creation and one of the most finest cuisines in the world” says Yoshihiro Narisawa, a Michelin-star chef who now sits at the helm of a restaurant with a 125-year history. At Toyoken, Narisawa blends his elegant dishes imbued with a profound reverence for nature, with a French-Japaneseness. The menchi-katsu croquette (2,520 yen) blends matsuzaka beef from Mie prefecture with free-range kurobuta pork from Kagoshima. The matsuzaka beef stew (3,990 yen) will melt in your mouth.

[Seiyoryori Toyoken]
– Akasaka Tower 1F, Moto-Akasaka 1-2-7 Google Map
– Tel: 03-5786-0881
–  Hours: Lunch 11:30~15:00 | Dinner  18:00~23:00