The Setouchi Brewery is a new wine and cider maker that has laid down roots in the Setouchi region of Japan, where islands, mountains, sky and Japan’s inland sea all collide. The islands have a long history of growing grapes and the Setouchi Brewery will use entirely local ingredients to create beverages that are inspired the the region’s unique climate and history.

The brewery has plans to open a restaurant and plant this year but in the meantime we’ve been given a peak at the branding for their products, some of which are already available online.

The branding, created by graphic designer Shogo Kishino (previously), uses an abstract rendering of a map of the Setouchi region as a primary visual tool. Dense text that communicates that vision of the company is overlaid on various versions of the graphic, which help differentiate the product, which ranges from sparkling wine and rose to cider.

We’re looking forward to more from this new brewery. You can keep up with them on Instagram.