Shun Kawakami’s Bokusho installation at Isetan Department Store

photos by kenta hasegawa | click to enlarge

I had heard about this installation so I was delighted when designer Shun Kawakami uploaded pictures of it. Bokusho (墨象), also known as zenei shodo (前衛書道) is an avante-garde form of calligraphy that sprung out of post-war Japan. Kawakami, in collaboration with calligraphy artist Gen Miyamura, has incorporated the art style into his work in the past. As the deconstructed form suggests,  it is seen as a much more free and unrestrained way of expression through ink.

Installed for the New Year’s opening of the department store, the piece is arresting as it is intimate. It exhales serenity yet also heightens anticipation for what’s to come. Pretty fantastic!

source: Shun Kawakami’s blog

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