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Dense Pencil Drawings of Retro-Future Worlds by Yota Tsukino

The Secret Behind the Mysterious Girl in ‘My Neighbor Totoro’ Posters

Step Inside the Miniature Worlds of Tatsuya Tanaka

Byobu Folding Screen Depicting the Battle of Sekigahara Comes to Life Through Pixel-Animation by Yusuke Shigeta

Miniature Origami Cranes Take Flight in Sculptures by Naoki Onogawa

Motoi Yamamoto Made 100,000 Sakura Petals From Salt in Memory of His Family

Repetitive, Mandala-Like Paintings by Yuri Shimojo Remembers the Victims of March 11

JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Presents a Visionary Look at Nature and the Supernatural through Japanese Woodblock Prints

Dark and Intricate Kirie Cut From a Single Piece of Black Paper by Ayaka Chigira

Sculpted Sushi Made Entirely From Natural Polished Stones

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