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Post-Apocalyptic Illustrations of Tokyo in Ruins

Intricate and Organic Sculptures by Ceramicist Eriko Inazaki

The New Simose Art Garden Villa: Where Art & Hospitality Meet at the Sea

The Unforgettable Landscapes of Ippan Nakamura’s World of Illustrations

A Struggling Regional Train Line Turns its Cars into a Photo Gallery to Boost Ridership

Traditional Nihonga Style Paintings of Ordinary Life by Yuka Kasai

The Sahara Painter’s Palette Encourages Carefree Creativity

This Rare 2008 Painting by Manabu Ikeda Helped Complete the Script for ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

Azuma Makoto’s Shimmering Bouquet On The Northern Tip Of Japan

A Maddeningly Complex Ballpoint Pen Replica of a 1000 Yen Bill by Keita Sagaki

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