Seven leading Thai brands were chosen to showcase their innovative takes on traditional Thai craftsmanship at Slow Hand Design in Milan 2015. These brands specialize in various facets of furniture design and all of them are finding alternative materials and solutions to make their manufacturing process more eco-friendly.

Crafactor employs many innovative approaches to utilise water hyacinth and other water-based composites as an alternative for ecological design. Kenkoon & Moban are brands from a well-known outdoor furniture manufacturer who is always looking for sustainable materials for its production. Mobella, an expert in fabric and leather upholstery manufacturing, employs the zero waste policy with their production by using their material to its fullest potential. Palazzo is taking recycled leather to the next level with its new collection of modular furniture system. Performax is another manufacture who is highly skilled at water hyacinth interweaving techniques. Deesawat’s Love Earth collection features pieces made with leftover materials from their production line. Kun is an aluminum outdoor furniture manufacturer who has been in the industry for over 4 decades. Its new collection is a revamp of its leftover stock, in combination with interesting designs and innovative techniques.

To learn more about this collection of sustainable design items visit Eco A Mano.

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