State of Create: Adobe creativity study reveals Japan is the most creative country

In a new study released by Adobe, global respondents named Japan as the most creative country. But guess who disagreed? The Japanese. The findings, in the Japanese media, are being labeled as “Study identifies Japan as most insecure country.” Oh, and we Americans also disagreed – we thought America was the most creative.

Among the study’s other findings were that 80% believe that creativity is critical to economic growth. Yet only one in four people feel like they are living up to their creative potential. And 75% of respondents said they feel like their employers put more pressure on them to be productive than to be creative.

source: ITMedia

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  1. I thought the (somewhat defensive) conventional wisdom in the US was “Japan doesn’t invent anything; they’re just the best at developing the ideas of others.” It’s interesting to see that Americans in fact do give Japan a fair amount of credit.


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