The most gorgeous ad for funeral home services


When I think of funeral homes I think of muted colors like blacks, whites and greys. And indeed, funerals in Japan are largely a black & white affair, with any deviation from the code being considered taboo and disrespectful. So when Tokyo-based ad agency I&S BBDO was approached by Nishinihon Tenrei to create an unconventional ad for funeral services, it understandably posed several challenges.

“The March 11th earthquake and tsunami had a traumatic effect on Japan. Issues of life and death, hope and despair, beauty and tragedy became an all too real part of people’s everyday lives,” says the agency, reflecting on how to communicate the funeral home’s new role of remembering and celebrating the beauty of a lost person’s life.

Creative director Mari Nishimura decided to create a real-size human skeleton made from pressed flowers. The striking image is both beautiful, as well as celebratory, expressing through flowers what remains after death.




Source: The One Club awards


  1. Just amazing. I’m speechless.

  2. Stunning. Are posters available for sale?

  3. Okurobito!
    Exemplary treatment of the subject

  4. Sublime!!!

  5. This is so weirdly beautiful. The idea of using flowers is so clever as many find the flowers comforting during times of loss. Maybe we should get one of these printed for in our florist!

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