The Tokyoiter: imaginary magazine covers inspired by The New Yorker


The Tokyoiter: a new project that pays homage to The New Yorker

Inspired by the iconic layout and cover illustrations for magazines like The New Yorker and The Parisianer, two Tokyo-based designers have launched a new project called The Tokyoiter. Calling on Japan-based illustrators, the project aims at showcasing numerous visions of what makes Tokyo such a fascinating place to live and experience.


illustration by Keiko Shindo, a Kichijioji-based illustrator working in acrylic and gouache

The Tokyoiter is the brainchild of Tokyo-based illustrator Andrew Joyce and art director David Robert (previously). Together, they’ve begun to invite illustrators living and working in Japan “to draw their vision of Tokyo.”

Each illustration is then laid out in what most will immediately recognize as being an tribute to The New Yorker. As of now there are only 3 imaginary issues with plans already in the works for more. It will be fun to see how different illustrators celebrate Tokyo with their art.


illustration by Hiroki Suzuki, an artist who uses cut and paste techniques



created by a Tokyo-based illustrator who goes simply by the name tent

Update [April 26, 2016] : we checked in with the site to see what was new, only to find this lovely illustrations have been added. Great to see this initiative grow!


created by Hennie Haworth, a UK based illustrator who spent six months in Japan drawing vending machines.



created by Fern Choonet, a freelance illustrator originally from Bangkok, educated in Toronto and currently living in Tokyo.



created by Luis Mendo, a Spanish illustrator based in Tokyo.


  1. Gustavo Woltmann loves art. This is a great blog about his favourite past time! – Gustavo Woltmann

  2. Really a nice reinterpretation of The New Yorker. So cool

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