After the devastating earthquake and tsunami struck Northern Japan, confusion and helplessness ensued. But it didn’t last long. Ai Kurahashi, Naoko Maeda and Sebastian Mayer quickly pulled together an idea for an online charity shop in which artists and designers donate their work for sale.

About 2 weeks ago they began reaching out to their contacts within the design industry and the response was overwhelming. Artwork began flowing into their inbox. Now Tomodachi Calling has over 50 participating artists whose work you can buy with 100% of sales going to charity.

Below are 2 of my favorites but check out the webshop for the full selection and follow their blog (or twitter feed) for updates!

One of my favorites Japanese graphic designers, Bob Foundation, has contributed this gorgeous print.


One of my favorite designers, Shunsuke Umiyama of Microworks, came up with the stark and chilling reminder of the exact time the earthquake struck.

[editor’s note]
This is our first post on any organization selling goods to raise money for Japan. For us, it’s been an awkward concept right from the beginning and have felt uncomfortable endorsing a specific product, which is why we have deliberately avoided the topic. But over the days we’ve grown more comfortable with it as long as it’s clear that 100% of proceeds go to charity.