toshiyuki fukuda 1images courtesy toshiyuki fukuda | click to enlarge

Toshiyuki Fukada is a Tokyo-based illustrator that creates quirky, magical prints usually featuring animal motifs. Much like the boxed assemblages of Joseph Cornell, Fukuda creates miniature worlds with a command of color and detail. There is also something inherently childish in the quality of the illustrations, which makes my heart ache with cosmic nostalgia. Plus, Fukuda gets extra brownie points for being based in Kichijoji, my home town! (brownie points retracted! He now works in Ogikubo.)

Toshiyuki Fukada is having a solo exhibition at hb gallery in Omotesando. “Repeat” opens May 17, 2013 and runs till the 22nd.

toshiyuki fukuda 2wrapping paper designed for a stationary shop

toshiyuki fukuda 3a print that was done for a daily planner

Left: a set of stickers | Right: candle box wrapping paper

toshiyuki fukuda 6One of Fukada’s more scarier prints, created for an exhibition last year.

(thanks Naho!)