Japanese Government Uses Anthropomorphic Pile of Poo to Teach Kids About Taxes

Taxes are not the most interesting subject. But they affect us all. So if I had to learn about taxes, I’m definitely going to pay more attention if the subject is being taught by an anthropomorphic pile of poo. That was essentially the idea that Japanese Finance Ministry’s Tax Bureau had with their new “Unko Zeikin Drill” (Poop tax drill) for children.

Question 5: What do poo and taxes have in common?

Here’s a sample question for you: what do poo and taxes have in common?

They’re both a form of fertilizer! Poo helps crops grow and taxes help society grow.

Unko Sensei, the anthropomorphic poo teacher, is a wildly popular character from study drill publisher Bunkyosha Co. who teaches kids everything from kanji and math to even English. The Japanese Finance Ministry collaborated with the publisher in an attempt to replicate their success in hopes that kids take an early interest in taxes. Copies of the brochure will be distributed to elementary schools across the country but it can also be downloaded for free from the ministry’s website. Here is a direct link (PDF). There’s also an online game.

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  1. Pfft. Fox News has been doing this for decades in America!

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