Now you can dress your kids in adorable garments featuring their favorite Studio Ghibli characters, and also be environmentally conscious while doing so, thanks to Anofuku (meaning, “that garment”), a new Japanese brand of kids clothes. Anofuku takes vintage and dead stock clothing and adds hand-embroidery to them, transforming them into a one-of-a-kind pieces. And for their first line they’ve collaborated with Studio Ghibli.

We’re loving this adorable stop-motion promotional video made from 200 different sweaters.

Anofuku is a joint project between fashions designers Keisuke Kanda and Kunihiko Morinaga that aims to collaborate with iconic Japanese content to create a different lines of fashion. And who better to begin with than Studio Ghibli? Character from favorites like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service were hand-embroidered onto vintage and dead stock clothing to create subtle yet adorable touches on tops, bottoms, bags and hats. But if you’re used to buying basics from Uniqlo, prices will seem high: 6000 yen for a simple shirt, 12,000 yen for a button-up and 30,000 yen for a coat.

The garments are now on sale through the company’s online shop. If you’re in Tokyo and you want to see the in real like, head over to Tsutaya Books at Daikanyama T-Site or Nakameguro.

dust bunny tote bag (3,800 yen)

Jiji shirt (6,500 yen)

Totoro coat (30,000 yen)

Kiki’s delivery service top (9,800 yen)

Hikouseki “flight stone” sweatshirt