When I wrote about Wasara earlier this week, it immediately spread throughout the blogosphere, as evident by this google search, which is kinda cool. Unfortunately, the majority of bloggers got their source wrong, which kinda stinks…. But what can you do right? After all, this is the wild wild west aka the Internet.

Anyway, given the enthusiasm, I thought I would provide an update and more details. All we know about the launch date is that it’s planned for sometime towards about the end of the month. I’ll give another update when anything comes out. However, I did a little research and it looks like pricing has been set at 80 yen (75 cents?) per dish. Also, a bit on the designer. The dishes were designed by Shinichiro Ogata, creative director of SIMPLICITY, an interior design firm specializing in bold Japanese style interiors. His work is characterized by dramatic uses of light and shadow, as well as the incorporation of natural elements such as water and stone. Have a look! Really, quite gorgeous.

Bassin restaurant in Fukuoka prefecture
bassin1.jpg bassin2.jpg

Higashi-Yama restaurant in Tokyo
higashiyama1.jpg higashiyama2-1.jpg

Sansuikaku lodge in Tochigi prefecture

J-Period interior shop in Paris
images courtesy of SIMPLICITY and Hike-Shop