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Masamitsu Kimura, an art student at Musashino Art University (Musabi), created this outstanding series of delicate and haunting apparel in a fashion design course. Using Mino Washi, a type of washi paper indigenous to Kimura’s hometown of Gifu, “1876.2011” is an ode to his local artisans. Washi, says the artist, is simply an eloquent and masterful form of fabric.

By merging an ancient Japanese craft with contemporary western fashion, Kimura has not only made a significant step toward local revitalization but has also reminded us of  the arduousness and beautiful possibilities of handmade craftsmanship.

I found Masamitsu Kimura’s work while exploring the nominees of the 2011 Mitsubishi Junior Designer Award. Winners were announced on October 5, 2011. You can read our previous coverage on this award HERE.