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Every month or so we invite a Tokyo resident to share their favorite Tokyo venues in this vast, cellular city. These guides are meant to be intimate, deep-dives into Tokyo’s many small neighborhoods. You won’t find these cafes, bars, bookshops or galleries in your typical guidebook. The guides are created in Jauntful and are viewable online but also printable. Let us take your hand and show you our Tokyo.

  • ryutaro sekiCraig Mod

    Ryutaro Seki | Koenji

    In the last 10 years Koenji has transformed from quiet Tokyo suburb to trendy hotspot. It became the heart of the anti-nuclear protests in 2011, its Awa Dance Festival in August has been attracting record visitors (close to 1 million last year) and Haruki Murakami chose the neighborhood as a setting for his novel 1Q84.

    Explore Koenji with one of its foremost experts, Ryutaro Seki. The DJ and Shinto priest has lived in there for the last 35 years and when he’s not managing the family’s Shinto Shrine in Northern Koenji he’s organizing musical events and performances around town. you can follow him on twitter.

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  • Craig Mod

    Craig Mod | Daikanyama

    Craig Mod is a designer and writer who has lived in Tokyo for over a decade. “My experiences there,” he writes, “are so deeply layered that I consider the city a hometown of sorts.” But don’t look for him too hard because he divides his time between here, New York and San Francisco. But you can follow him on twitter.

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  • Johnny Strategy

    Johnny | Musashino

    Johnny is the founder and editor of Spoon & Tamago. At the age of 1 his parents uprooted him from New York and relocated to Koenji. Five years later they moved to the Musashino neighborhood, a Western suburb in Tokyo, where Johnny would spend the next 10+ years of his adolescent life. You can follow him on twitter.

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