photos by Kenta Hasegawa courtesy Suppose Design Office

Walk south from Shibuya station and within 10 minutes you’ll come across a glass dome-shaped building sandwiched between several nondescript buildings. Hidden in plain sight is the Shibuya City Botanical Garden, Japan’s smallest indoor arboretum.

Redesigned by Suppose Design Office last year in 2023, the cozy space is a dramatic improvement that adds additional space for plants and trees by creating large, elevated platforms. The resulting space is immersive and participatory, inviting visitors in to escape from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya.

After paying the small, 100-yen fare to enter, visitors are greeted by the 1st floor garden where citrus fruits like satsuma mandarin oranges, yuzu, lemons, and finger limes are grown. But you’ll also—hopefully, not literally—stumbleupon tropical fruit trees like mango, passion fruit, guava, coconut palm, banana, and pineapple.

Climb the stairs to the 2nd floor where you’ll find a small library and cafe that overlooks the garden. The cafe serves coffee and small bites during the day. In the evening they serve beer, wine and cocktails that incorporate botanicals and herbs grown on-site. And if you plan your visit wisely, you might find a film screening or event taking place in the 3rd floor gallery space.

They certainly pack a lot into their tiny space. Check out their website or Instagram account to plan your visit!