Step Into a World of Contemporary Japanese Art at New Exhibition in New York

a series of washi paper prints by artist takayuki. o

“Stepping Into A World” is a the 5th in a series of juried open call exhibitions aimed at showcasing undiscovered Japanese artists and integrating them into the forefront of the global art scene. The exhibition, which includes paintings, digital prints, and sculptures, is on view at Gallery Max in Soho and was curated by New York-based curator Kyoko Sato and television writer Motoichi Adachi.

“Traces of a Feast” (left) and “Meditation” (right) by takayuki. o

The visual artist takayuki o, born in 1966 and based in Fukuoka, took home the grand prize for his captivating collages printed on washi paper. Other runner-ups included Akiyoshi Shimizu, Colorful U-go, Kayoko Ishikura, Shikon, and Tomoka.

In the 80 years since WWII ended, Japanese artists have constantly gravitated to New York in pursuit of new audiences and success, explains Sato. Masters such as Yoko Ono, Yayoi Kusama and Takashi Murakami all followed this same blueprint. Through “Stepping Into A World,” the exhibition organizers hope to expose international audiences to new, contemporary Japanese art.

STEPPING INTO A WORLD II is on display at Gallery Max from February 15 – 21, 2024.

“MonaLisa” by Akiyoshi Shimizu

“Breath” by Kayoko Ishikura

“Mitsuko” by Tomoka

“Kukurihime Calling On” by Reiko Hara

“Emperor Suiko’s Bird” by Shikon

a series of works by the artist Harumi

a series of works by the artist Yuyu Ichitomi

Spoon & Tamago was a media sponsor for the exhibition

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  1. Thank you for visiting MAX Gallery where “Stepping Into A World” was held. My name is Nobuko, and I performed “Coffin of Happiness” at Performance Day. I performed for the smiles of Kyoko, Adachi-san, my friends, and the audience who helped me perform on stage for the first time in my life. It was a truly wonderful night, as I felt that I was able to share the feelings I put into the paintings I drew with the wonderful people of New York. Spoon and Egg, I’m really happy that you introduced the pictures of my favorite friends in your article. After all, those friends are family! I will treasure this family for the rest of my life. I will return to Japan tomorrow, February 22nd. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Everyone, a gentle spring is coming. It’s exciting! please take care. Nobuko jake -> Jake will edit my performance day into a wonderful movie this week. Cleek —> Cleek added a deeper sound to my performance.

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