Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan and Japan Society are proud to announce the eighth installment of the ACA Cinema Project film series, Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux. The series examines the shifting dynamics and struggles of the Japanese household in contemporary cinema. Showcasing 10 features, including premieres and revivals, Family Portrait celebrates the complexities of familial bonds in the face of adversity—bringing to question what truly defines a family and its values in the modern world.

Still Walking © 2008 “Still Walking” Production Committee

Limited tickets are still available for the final weekend of Japan Society’s Family Portrait: Japanese Family in Flux—showcasing three films from director Ryota Nakano (Her Love Boils Bathwater, A Long Goodbye and The Asadas) on Feb. 23 and 24. Nakano will attend all three of his films in person—Her Love Boils Bathwater on Feb. 23 will feature a post screening Q&A and reception and The Asadas on Feb. 24 will conclude with a post-screening panel discussion.

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