Go on the Tokyo Toilet Tour and Never Worry About Finding a Public Restroom Again

Japan’s public restrooms have in international reputation for being clean and well-maintained, but apparently that still wasn’t good enough. In 2020, the city of Shibuya and Nippon Foundation embarked on an initiative called Tokyo Toilet. They brought together some of the biggest names in architecture and design to renovate 17 public restrooms all throughout Shibuya. Now that all of them are complete, a new tour promises an in-depth exploration into the crossroads of public hygiene and architecture.

screenshot courtesy NearMe

The Tokyo Toilet Shuttle Tour is operated by ride-share company NearMe. A 4-hour long tour of all 17 toilet, or a 2-hour long tour divided into East and West, guides restroom enthusiasts through what are referred to as the symbols of Japan’s world-renowned hospitality culture. During the tour or after, you’ll never have to worry about finding a public restroom in Tokyo ever again.

You can learn more about the tours and sign up over at NearMe.

Below are a sample of some of our favorites.

NY-based designer Nao Tamura’s bathroom design was informed by her time in New York and the city’s respect towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

Architect Shigeru Ban, whose design occupies 2 locations, created a bathroom whose walls are transparent when unoccupied.

Tadao Ando design features a circular floorplan with a spanning roof and engawa which, in Japanese architecture, is an edging strip of space on the outside of the building that occupies an area in between the interior and exterior.

Masamichi Katayama, the lead architect of Wonder Wall, sought to create a contemporary Kawaya that was both art object and toilet through randomly positioning 15 concrete walls to creates an ambiguous space.


  1. A lot of these toilets are featured in Perfect Days.

  2. Me too just watched the movie Prefect Days last night ! The OST is great too. I counted there are at least 10 toilets featured all of which i visited except 1. I was even interviewed by TBS at park toilet by Kengo Kuma and made my Prefect Day that day.
    Kudo all tokyo toilet maintenance personnel!

  3. HI. Anyone knows if this NearMe tour includes an English speaking guide? I could not find any information about this on the web; and could not find their email address as well. TIA

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