Contemporary Portraits of an Annual Samurai Fashion Festival

Everett Kennedy Brown likes to pose the question: “when do you suppose this photograph was taken?” The answer, of course, is not what you expect. The photographer and long-time resident of Japan takes anachronistic photographic portraits that document what is perhaps one of the oldest fashion shows in the world.

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Fun, Imaginative Prototypes From Japanese Ad Agency ‘GOES’

a prototype for lantern-shaped crossing lights

GOES is a Tokyo-based ad agency that creates nice but fairly normal posters, catalogs, packaging design and branding for various Japanese companies. But it’s during their free time when their creativity really shines.

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Ukiyo-e Inspired Manner Posters for Seibu Railway

Last year Seibu Railways launched a new poster campaign to educate their straphangers on proper train etiquette and manners. Given the surge in tourism in Japan recently, the train company decided to create their posters in an ukiyo-e inspired style.

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Hatoba Shoryu: One of the Last Remaining Crest Painters in Japan

Ask Japanese friends what their family crest is and most likely they will be able to tell you. Crests (kamon or mon in Japanese) are still in use today. But while many Japanese know their family’s crest, not many own an item with their crest on it.

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Broken by the Weight of Snow, a Tengu Nose is Now Repaired

all photos courtesy Sankei Photo

Earlier this year in January, Japan saw heavy snowfall that caused the nose of a local Tengu to break off. After one of the most adorable remediation and recovery efforts, the Tengu has now been repaired.

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Music Monday: Chai

the 4-piece girl band ‘Chai’

Since SXSW was earlier this month we thought we would share one of our discoveries from Japan Nite. Chai are a 4-piece girl band that hails from Nagoya. And they’ve coined the term Neo Kawaii (Neo apparently stands for New Excite Onna-band) to describe their look and sound.

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Fish-Shaped Welcome Soap on a Rope

Tamanohada is a 125-year old soap company that has occupied a factory space in Tokyo since their founding in 1892. They’ve survived the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 and World War II so it seems only right that they make items that are associated with good luck, like these fish-shaped welcome soaps.

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Whimsical Transparent Brooches Let You Play With Your Logo

Japanese graphic designer Mikiji Nagai came up with these whimsical, transparent brooches that you can place over the logo of your shirt, hat, bag or pretty much any fashion item.

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Papa’s Mazes 1 & 2


It’s been exactly 2 year since we released Papa’s Maze 2.0. To commemorate, we’re offering both the original (1.0) and the newer version (2.0) for a special price this week only!

In 1983 Mr. Nomura, better known as Papa, completed a mindbogglingly intricate maze that he had worked on for 7 years. 32 years later he picked up his pen once again to return to his passionate hobby, creating an equally complex and beautiful maze for his daughter, who had discovered the original artwork in the family’s attic.

The set of 2 prints are available here through March 27, 2016.

The Eccentric Artwork of Kawanabe Kyosai

“Famous Mirror: the spirit of Japan” (1874) | all images courtesy Isreal Goldman Collection, London

From cute cats and landscapes to the occult and the erotic, nothing was off bounds for this eccentric 19th century Japanese artist. But it was his extraordinary wit and humor that set him apart from other artists of his time.

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