all photos by Jumpei Mitsui

If you have some time to kill at Narita Airport (I mean, who doesn’t?) head up to the 4th floor of Terminal 1 where you’ll find a newly opened LEGO store. And not only will you find a toy to entertain little ones on the long flight to come but you’ll also find a specially-commissioned mural, made entirely of LEGO, that replicates a famous 18th-century Japanese painting.

The painting at hand is “Wind God and Thunder God,” painted by Rinpa artist Ogata Korin in the early 18th century. It was recreated in LEGO blocks by Jumpei Matsui, a certified professional LEGO builder, of which there are only 14 in the entire world.

The attention to detail is staggering and we’re not quite sure how the artist achieved the wavy lines using blocks but we’re looking forward to checking this out on our next stop at Narita Airport.