It’s been a little over a year now since the Tsukiji Fish Market relocated to Toyosu and officially closed their doors forever. The site has since been demolished and the only thing that now remains are photographs and other documentation of the iconic fish market. Using thousands of those archival photographs, a team of designers have created an immersive artwork that explores what was once the world’s largest fish market.

The artwork, titled Memories of Tsukiji, is the work of three artists: Ruben FroCody Ellingham, and SJF. “We have used photogrammetry and point cloud technology to scan photos and videos to create an interactive journey through the iconic Tokyo Tsukiji Market, which was demolished last year,” they told us.

The experience, which is not unlike footage exploring underwater shipwrecks, can be fully appreciated at an exhibition in Tokyo this weekend. Memories of Tsukiji is being shown at ARTnSHELTER, a small art hotel and gallery near Samezu Station, through December 8, 2019 (11am – 8pm). Admission is 1500 yen with tickets available at the door.