Family Mart, one of Japan’s three major convenience store (conbini) chains, has released a new line of essentials called Convenience Wear. From t-shirts and underwear to towels and totes, the collection spans 68 different items, each priced between 390 yen to 990 yen (about $3 – $9 usd). Our favorite is definitely the striped socks: an homage to the Family Mart logo. Watch out UNIQLO!

Family Mart hired Hiromichi Ochiai, the founder of the streetwear brand Facetasm, as creative director of Convenience Wear. The branding was conceived by graphic designer Takahiro Yasuda. Our only complaint is that the packaging feels like an excessive amount of plastic waste. If Japan insists on individually wrapping things, they need to come up with more sustainable alternatives!

Jointly developed with Asahi Kasei Co., many of the pieces also come with “Paircool” fabrication for optimal breathability.