from left to right: Toguro Tower, Higashiyama University of Art and Expo Memorial Farm

Yota Tsukino is a Japanese pencil artist who creates dense, imaginary cityscapes in a retrofuturistic style that often incorporates elements of steampunk. Filled with small details and minutia, the black and white drawings lure in viewers who can spend hours obsessing over new discoveries.

The artist has created a triptych that represents three different eras: Showa, Heisei and Reiwa, which will become the centerpiece of an upcoming exhibition.

Each drawing was also created in a different time. “Toguro Tower” (とぐろの塔) is one of the artist’s earlier works and was created during Japan’s Heisei-era. But depicted is a Showa-era landscape with store signs and train ticket gates that harken back to a nostalgic time. “Higashiyama University of Art” (東山芸術大学) was created in pre-pandemic Reiwa and depicts a more contemporary setting, bustling with activity. “Expo Memorial Farm” (万博記念農園), the latest work, was created during the pandemic and offers an idyllic future where city and farm co-exist.

The three drawings, along with other works, are part of an upcoming solo exhibition by the artist taking place at Atelier Sangatsu in Osaka from May 28 – June 8, 2021. Larger images of each of the drawings, as well as a few close-ups, can be seen below. You can also see more of the artist’s work on his website and on Twitter.