All images © Osamu Morishita Architect and Associates

Built on reclaimed land that seamlessly blends the expanse of the sea with the majestic mountains, ‘See-Sea Park‘ is a new commercial complex spanning over an area of 10,800 square meters in Oimachi, Fukui. The structure aims to create a pleasant environment for people to gather while also providing a comfortable setting for new entrepreneurs and startups.


Rather than relying on iconic and eye-catching architectural forms to attract people, Osamu Morishita Architects focused on creating diversity within a structured framework. This was achieved by utilizing modular units and playing with density.

The main unit took the form of a cube, measuring 4.8 meters on each side and 2.4 meters in height, with a steel cylinder at its core. The unit was supported by trusses extending from a 2.4-meter square tower, resembling branches from a sturdy stem. This modular approach allowed for flexibility and incremental expansion. The end result was reminiscent of a village street, characterized by natural and gradual development with varying densities, creating a sense of familiarity for the inhabitants.


The facility comprises three areas : ‘See Sea West’ and ‘See Sea East’ occupied by local businesses, offices, startups, dining and shopping while ‘See Sea Forest’ is left empty for adults and kids to play, also serving as a place to organize events.

The design does not opt for traditional energy-conserving strategies that isolate the environment with heavy insulation and air-tight walls, but aims to interact and become part of the surrounding ecosystem. The building is in sync with the thermal environment of the Earth and creates pockets that hold air. Instead of heavy tiles and thatched roofs with high thermal capacity, transparent ETFE (fluorine resin film) wraps the internal space like a down jacket, allowing energy exchange with the outside and thereby stabilizing the internal atmosphere. The interior space is reminiscent of an old Japanese house, cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, cedar louvers were used to diffuse harsh sunlight, creating a more comfortable ambiance.

In essence, the entire space was conceived like a park where outside and inside become one. It sought to foster an atmosphere of openness while harmonizing with the natural surroundings.

See Sea Park

1-8-5 Narumi, Oi-cho, Oi-gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-2107 (Google Map)