First came shock,  then came loss and finally, a question: “I wonder what I could do.” Simply put, that was the process that moved an advertising professional from Morioka and a photographer from Tokyo to create A Beacon of Rebirth Poster Project.

The posters are comprised of a simple layout: a photograph of local residents, accompanied by short text. The posters a grouped by the location the photos were shot: Otsuchi, Kamaishi and Oofunato. What’s interesting – and what I particularly like about the series – is that they don’t solicit pity. Instead, the locals are portrayed as resilient and tenacious.

The posters have been on display at various sites in Morioka, Fukushima, Tokyo, as well as evacuation centers. You can purchase the posters (3,675 yen – 3,990 yen) via an order form in the Japanese version of the website. The English version doesn’t yet appear to have that functionality.

Source: twitter | fukkou-noroshi