Remember OLIVE, that wiki DIY survival guide I wrote about a while back? Well it’s traveled quite the distance since then. Despite all it’s brilliance, the one major flaw of the site was that it relied on the internet as a means for getting information into the hands of evacuees.  But a man who runs a publishing company heard about it and decided to publish it in a foldout.  Thousands of copies were then packaged into boxes and were delivered to evacuees in disaster-stricken areas. It was also featured on NHK, along with an interview with its founder, the Japanese designer Nosigner, who has now designed a poster for the project.

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When combined, the posters form numerous hinomaru (aka the Japanese flag). The above image is 8 posters combined. What I love about the poster, and what sets it apart from the many that have been designed in the past, is that it embodies the idea of holding hands and coming together to form one.

The project has grown in size and now contains over 100 survival tips contained in just under 20 different categories, in 4 different languages.

PS here is the DIY guide I contributed in English and Japanese