A Cubic Rubber Band That You’ll Never Want to Throw Away

nendo cubic rubber band

Natural rubber bands have been around since the 1600s and they were patented (and formally institutionalized) in England in 1845. But despite their long history, they’ve always pretty much remained the same shape, which is, of course, circular. This is only natural as the circle shape seems to be most fitted for holding objects. And the only criticism people seem to have is that they are overly expendable.

nendo cubic rubber band

Leave it to the Japanese to reinvent the un-reinventable. Tokyo and Milan-based design firm Nendo have designed a cubic rubber band as part of a series of designy stationery items. “The geometrical shapes make the bands easy to find in a drawer and easy to pick up,” says Oki Sato, the lead designer. The cubic rubber bands are incredibly stylish and would make a great desktop accessory. Also, a pack of 3 retails for 1080 yen so these are definitely not rubber bands that you would toss after a single use!


nendo cubic rubber band


  1. stationery!!!! They’re not standing still. Well, they are, but they’re items of stationery.

  2. i am extremely happy that i came accross your fantastic blog lately.
    I feel super inspired and I am shocked I did not hear earlier about your blog.

    Did you also write about the artist Azuma Makoto yet : http://smart-magazine.com/space/substance-style/

    His work is literally out of space ; )

  3. I believe you mean stationery.

  4. please publish my email address.

  5. I’m pretty sure no one has ever criticized a rubber band for being cheap and disposable.

  6. Bruce H. Anderson

    October 17, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    The problem with a cube is there will be a lot of stress on the inside of the angle when the unit is stretched. So these expensive rubber bands will not last long. Tis might have worked better as two circles connected by four bands, instead of a cube. A better shape if they want to stay with lots of corners would be something rectangular on two sides so that it could be used for small and large bundles.

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