yoy_peel_02Photos by Yasuko Furukawa | click to enlarge


Confident and composed, they guide our children to the bathroom with the implicit, “see, no monsters here.” They illuminate our rooms and delineate our walls. I am, of course, referring to night lights – an object that, unless you have kids, has been replaced by iPhone flashlights.

But if you’re looking to add a bit of fun to those midnight strolls, the PEEL lamp might be just for you. Like an episode from The Twilight Zone, this playful lamp creates the illusion that your wallpaper is peeling off, revealing what seems to be a peak into another dimension. The trick is surprisingly simple – an ultra-thin OLED light attached to a Plexiglas-type mold that hooks onto the corner of a wall. I know my kids would approve!


It was designed by YOY, a Japanese design duo who have displayed a knack for incorporating playful illusions into their work.