peanut nursery (2)photos by Hiroshi Ueda and Keisuke Maeda | click to enlarge

If I lived in Hiroshima I would love to send my kids to Tsukushi Nursery School, an adorable little daycare center shaped like a peanut. The form was conceived by overlapping 2 circles to create a fluid space connected to the environment, explains architect Hiroshi Ueda, who completed the new structure last year. The idea of peanut-shaped architecture serving as shelter for premature, evolving life, is also a nice metaphor.

The timber structure is also designed to directly expose the young learners to elements of nature like and the different seasons. Almost like a forest in itself, the space has inclines where children can explore the semi-outdoor space.

peanut nursery (1)

peanut nursery (3)peanut nursery (4)

peanut nursery (6)

peanut nursery (7)

peanut nursery (8)peanut nursery (9)

peanut nursery (10)

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