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Oyane-san Blending Tradition with Modern Technology In Shikokumura

Japan’s Tiniest Botanical Garden is in Shibuya

A Glimpse Inside the Whimsical Wooden Miniature Homes of Yukihiro Akama

Takenokuma Cafe is a Water Garden Inspired by the Lush Nature of Kumamoto

Go on the Tokyo Toilet Tour and Never Worry About Finding a Public Restroom Again

Evolving Themes of Absence and Presence in the Paintings of Minoru Nomata

Tachinomi Ura is a Standing Eatery in Kurashiki Carrying on Local Sake and Cuisine Culture

Pioneering Japan’s Zero-Energy Hospitality, ‘ITOMACHI HOTEL 0’

Kumu in Kanazawa Connects People and Places

Wakuni Cafe: New Tokyo Cafe Made from 700 Bronze Plates Salvaged from Hayatani Shrine

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