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Ume Yamazoe is an ‘inconvenient’ hotel renovated from a Japanese mountain hamlet townhouse

Circular Pedestals Suspend Vegetation in Midair at REN, a Specialty Plant Store in Tokyo

Milkbrew Coffee in Saga is Built Inside a Renovated Historic Warehouse

MAPPA Studio: a look inside the office that’s creating your favorite anime

Cartier Osaka’s New Three-Dimensional Facade Made from 2500 Hand Crafted ‘Masu’

Hasamiyaki Pottery Brand Maruhiro Renovated an 86-Year Old Townhouse as a New Office

Film Prop Makers Built a Totoro-Themed ‘Dream Studio’ in the Blue Mountains of Australia

A Butterfly Sipping Moisture from Puddles, Sculpted Entirely in Wood by Toru Fukuda

Reductive Architecture Reduces the Burden of Maintaining Large Japanese Townhouse

An Elongated Roof Extends from an Abandoned Home to Form an Island Kitchen on Teshima

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