The story of Hachiko, Japan’s symbol of loyalty in man’s best friend, has been told many times, with varying aims. And the canine continues to live on not only in the form of Shibuya’s most-popular meeting spot but in a multitude of forms that range from sake to Bon-Odori posters. But the next frontier is footwear. A collaboration between Japanese streetwear retailer atmos and Adidas has given birth to a pair of furry sneakers that pay homage to Hachiko.

The official name for the new sneakers is a mouthful: “adidas Originals SUPERSTAR DOG atmos HACHIKO. They’re based on Adidas’ classic “superstar” form but with a furry twist that mimics the coat of Hachiko. In the insole is an illustration of the dog, along with the “You Make Shibuya” logo, indicating that a portion of the proceeds will go to a fund that helps support local businesses devastated by the pandemic.

On the midsole is printed the actual address of where the iconic statue sits. The sneakers will first go an sale through atmos starting September 14 and are expected to retail for 15,400 jpy (about $140 usd). Beginning September 25 they’ll also be made available through Adidas.