Cup Noodle is so excited about their 50th anniversary that they’ve created something that absolutely no one asked for: Cup Noodle Soda. Four of their most popular and best-selling flavors—original, seafood, curry and chili tomato—have been turned into fizzy beverages.

Instant noodles were first invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando, the Taiwanese-born founder of the Japanese food company Nissin. But it wasn’t until September 18, 1971 when they first hit the market under the brand name Cup Noodle.

The company has always maintained a playful creativity when it comes to product development and in celebrating the 50-year milestone they’ve released Cup Noodle sodas as well as several other ways for their core fanbase to celebrate. For one, they’ve teamed up with legendary bartender Katsuya Takano, of the Keio Plaza Hotel, to create seasonal cocktails that can be enjoyed for those who are of drinking age.

But the real question we think is, which Cup Noodle goes with which Cup Noodle soda.

from left to right: Italian Chili Highball (campari and chili tomato), Summer Seafood Highball (dry gin and seafood), Original Skye Highball (single-malt whiskey and original) and Indian Bourbon Highball (bourbon whiskey and curry)

But for those who find the beverages less-than-suited to their palette, not to worry. The company has also developed Cup Noodle pouches with shoulder straps that can carry almost anything, including your lunch. They’ve substituted the peel-away tab for cat ears and the inner-lining looks like Cup Noodle ingredients.

The ultimate power-move here would be to carry around an actual Cup Noodle in a Cup Noodle pouch.