all photos by Benjamin Beech

One of the invisible victims of the global pandemic and physical distancing measures have been stray animals. When the streets of Tokyo emptied out in April as the city entered a state-of-emergency-induced lockdown, many strays were left to fend for themselves. Sadly, two kittens, Olive & Pepper, were abandoned on a roof in Tokyo. But the story has a happy ending.

Olive & Pepper were luckily adopted by Tokyo-based photographer Ben Beech (previously) and his wife. Speaking with S&T, Ben says, “being a photographer by trade, and having no work at all during this period I found myself photographing the kittens… a lot!”

The pair of kittens turned into a side-project for Ben, who began posting photos of the kittens on Instagram. The project strikes a special nerve for cat-lovers and Japan-lovers as the photos often combine elements of both. You can follow along with Olive & Pepper here, but don’t expect them to stay this small for long!