Over the past 8 months (since my son was born unitl now) I’ve begun a collection of children’s books that I’ve found particularly appealing. Although the collection is still growing, I thought I would show you a few that I particualrly like for their visual quality!


Pitschi by Hans Fischer

“A story about the kitten who always wanted to be something else. ”

This book was first published in German in 1958. It was translated into English (and many other languages) later on. The drawings are simply adorbale. One of my favorite children’s books!


Little Pea  by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Author), Jen Corace

“This is the story of Little Pea, Mama Pea, and Papa Pea”

Amy is the author of several children’s books, grown up books, and articles that have been published in parenting magazines. Jen, the illustrator, an an artist in her own right and has a lot of work displayed on her website.

Annie’s Small Train  by Michiko Tachimoto

Although only available in Japanese, Michiko Tachimoto creates brilliant illustrations using a number of different mediums from crayons to collage and patchwork.

If you are interested in more of her work, check out her fantastic website! There are a whole bunch of creative and imaginative collages that are sure to inspire anyone.



365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental (Author), Joëlle Jolivet (Illustrator)

This is such a great book. I would reccomend to any child of any age. The use of complimentary colors such as blue and orange, black and white completely mesmerizes my child!