I went to go check out the opening reception of Ai Kijima’s solo show over at the Franklin Parrasch gallery on 57th Street. Kijima uses found fabrics from thrift shops and flea markets to sew together images of subculture and pop culture. I really enjoyed looking at her mesmerizing collages. The impression I got was that they were new pieces of work, rather than a collection of artifacts from other people’s lives. Perhaps that’s because the act of sewing (as opposed to other means of collage) is very permanent and authoritative. It made me think about her decision making, as opposed to where these individual pieces originally belonged.

“Golf Lesson #125”

“Golf Mom”

“Peace on Earth”

Images courtesy of Franklin Parrasch gallery

Over the past 2 years Kijima has been increasing her international exposure. In fact, during 2008 all her shows took place abroad. And she recently relocated herself from Tokyo to Brooklyn (yay!).