Amayadori: Tadao Ando’s Circular Public Restroom Incorporates an Engawa

The Tokyo Toilet project continues to make progress with the latest designer public restroom by Tadao Ando (previously) opening last week. Ando’s design features a circular floorplan with a spanning roof and engawa which, in Japanese architecture, is an edging strip of space on the outside of the building that occupies an area in between the interior and exterior.

walking North from Shibuya Station brings you to Jingu-dori Park and the south entrance of the toilet

Located in Jingu-dori Park, a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station, Ando’s public restroom is nicknamed Amayadori, which means taking shelter from the rain. “I sought for this small architecture to exceed the boundaries of a public toilet to become a ‘place’ in the urban landscape that provides immense public value,” says Ando.

What’s impressive about the Tokyo Toilet project is its inclusiveness, and Ando’s public restroom is no exception. In addition to a men’s and women’s toilet, the facilities also offer an “everyone’s toilet,” equipped with ostomate facilities, baby chair, and diaper changing table. “It was vital for me to make a space that was comfortable and safe,” adds the architect, who emphasized this through the centripetal circulation that passes from one side of the toilet to the other side.

the protruding engawa becomes more obvious as you approach and serves as a public space where you can relax, or escape from a sudden rain shower

one of two entrance ways, which allows for cross-ventilation

light filters through the latticed exterior wall. Sinks are installed along the passageway to both men’s and women’s toilets

the fully accessible “everyone’s toilet” is located in the center

inside “everyone’s toilet,” which is equipped with ostomate facilities, baby chair, and diaper changing table

map that also indicates location of toilets in Braille

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  1. Paulette Perrien

    October 3, 2020 at 5:39 pm

    Hi- Amazing, as always – public bathroom is flawless. Thank you Tadao Ando.

    Paulette Perrien
    New Orleans

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