Architectural Model Greeting Cards by Terada Architects

Speaking of Kaminokousakujo, another one of their latest products are these awesome greeting cards (580 yen) created from paper figures often used in architectural modeling. They are the recent brainchild of Naoki Terada (Terada Architects).

I think my favorite is the I’m Sorry card (not that I’m feeling guilty about anything!), which comes with the flexibility of molding your paper doppelganger’s bow to accurately communicate the intensity of your apology:

For example,

  1. momentarily-held 10-degrees (“gosh, was that your toe I trod on?”)
  2. briefly-held 25-degrees (“sorry, we’ve run out of tuna”)
  3. 2-second, 45 degrees (“I know you’re the Best Man, but the flight is canceled”)
  4. 5-second 45 degrees (“I’ve just backed over your dog, boss”)
  5. 20-second 90 degrees (“our widget blinds kids”)
  6. and the “dogeza” kneel on the floor (“evacuate your village, the plant is exploding”)

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