Atmospheric Reentry | Otherworldly Headdresses by Maiko Takeda

look7photos by Bryan Huynh, courtesy the artist



Gravity-defying forms and morphing colors characterize the extravagant, otherworldly headdresses created by milliner and jeweler Maiko Takeda. The London-educated Tokyoite painstakingly assembles her hats – if you can call them hats – first by cutting out her pointy shapes and then attaching them piece by piece to a larger structure.

The final creation, for its chaotic beauty, has been likened to everything from Hellraiser to hedgehogs, porcupines and caterpillars.

“I want to create surreal, subtle dramas around the person wearing my piece and the people near them,” says Takeda, in an interview with mb. She goes on to explain how Philip Glass’s opera “Einstein on the Beach” inspired her latest collection titled Atmospheric Reentry: “ It is a very repetitive, non-stop physical work. The actors move like machines, but at the same time you can see them sweating and running out of breath. I found that very interesting to watch. I felt the strong power of young people who have nothing to lose when I saw it. It was the simplest form of expression. That really touched my heart.”






Takeda began touching hearts, and turning heads, this year when – just 2 weeks after her MFA show – Bjork chose to wear her pieces on her Biophilia tour, which just ended earlier this month. “I couldn’t believe it! …I wasn’t sure if it would be comfortable for her to sing in. I went to bed thinking she probably wouldn’t wear it in the end,” recalls Takeda. “In the morning I woke up to seeing pictures of Björk on the internet wearing my headpiece. That was the most rewarding moment for me.”

Here are some photos of Takeda assembling one of her headdresses.

taikeda_1photos by Dan Whilton for mb | click to enlarge






source: mb! magazine | ignant | Maiko Takeda


  1. I love you Johnny for the wonderful entries that you post.
    Atmospheric Reentry accompanied by “Einstein on the Beach” also “touched my heart.”
    I kiss you from across the sea.

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