All images © Shiinoki Shunsuke courtesy Azuma Makoto

The frigid snow white landscape of the Notsuke Peninsula, Hokkaido, has once again become the canvas for Azuma Makoto (previously), a floral artist who isn’t afraid to think outside the bouquet. Makoto’s latest masterpiece is the third installation of his ‘Frozen Flowers’ series that started back in 2019. It is a unique blend of art and nature, working with the already beautiful flowers and installing them in one of Japan’s most harsh environments. 


Working alongside nature, Makoto creates a collaborative balance without trying to control it. The changing temperature, wind, and snowfall all play a part in creating each Frozen Flowers masterpiece, and Makoto takes advantage of these variables to create something very unique.

For this year’s Frozen Flowers installation, Makoto and his team worked through the night, braving the freezing temperatures to create a wonderful culmination of dripping icicles and blooms. After arranging the flowers on scaffolding in broad daylight, they started dowsing it with water as temperatures began to fall precipitously. Sourced from all over the world, the flowers and foliage were solidified into hundreds of icicles in a matter of hours. 

The result was a breathtaking work of art that shone brilliantly in the winter sun, only to melt away over time, leaving behind nothing but an experience.

But there’s more to this than just art. AMKK, Azuma Makoto’s Studio, is also documenting the effects of climate change on the Notsuke Peninsula, and intends to keep creating newer versions of the Frozen Flowers series every year, simultaneously raising awareness.