Baby in Table_IMG_1811

I’m always on the lookout for awesome kid furniture and this is my recent obsession; “baby in table” by Oji Masanori. It was completed in late 2008 and is part of OTOMO, a joint project between Japanese furniture maker Toa Ringyo and Sincol, an importer of Italian upholstery.

The beauty of this table is in the way it adapts to a growing family. At first it’s a baby chair and a table, then it’s a table that also holds books. And the chair doubles as a stepping stool. I can just picture little huey drawing while his baby sister sits in the table watching him (she can stare at her big brother for hours and be content).

Baby in Table_IMG_1495

Baby in Table_IMG_1502Baby in Table_IMG_1494

Baby in Table_IMG_1496