Biotop for Adam et Rope | Shirogane renovation

Continuing on with my series of green posts this week, I give you: more illustrations. The faux-French Japanese select shop Adam et Rope, managed by high-end clothing line operator JUN Group, recently remodeled their Shirogane location. Shirogane is a ritzy, residential neighborhood in Tokyo with an abundance of greenery as the land once belonged to the royal family. It is also home to several select shops and restaurants that cater to wealthy women who like to drop $400 on a t-shirt.

Last Friday the company unveiled an extravagant facelift for their 20-year old Shirogane store. The remolding, dubbed “biotop” – an area where sustained environmental conditions allows all living things to coexist – is equipped with everything from a tree house to an organic café.

The lineup of names is also impressive. The tree house was built by clothing buyer turned professional tree house builder Takashi Kobayashi. The café is the work of famed restaurateur Uichi Yamamoto who, along with Ichiro Katami, helped engineer Japan’s café boom. The creative director is Takashi Kumagai, whose name, as a photographer, has been plastered all over Japan’s top selling magazines. They have even retained a “green coordinator,” Hiroshi Kobayashi, who has done flower arrangements for all sorts of advertisements, magazines and even CD covers.

in-progress shots of the tree house being installed

Admittedly, other than Uichi Yamamoto – who I covered – each of these individuals are so active in their respective space that they deserve their own post. Maybe…. I can find time…


  1. I love tree houses — this one is amazing!

  2. I love tree houses — this one is amazing!

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